Trumpet players really have it good when it comes to professional instruments.  A professional trumpet is cheaper than most other professional instruments.  Also, every year you wait to buy one, the prices rise.  A professional trumpet is truly an investment, and your student will benefit greatly from the purchase of one.

A professional level instrument will last many years with proper care.  That means, you need to clean it every month or two and you keep it lubricated with a high-quality valve oil.  I highly recommend a synthetic valve oil such as Hetman Light Piston on the valves and 1st and 3rd valve slides.  A high quality slide grease such as Selmer Tuning Slide and Cork Grease will prevent wear in the main tuning slide and second valve slide.  A high-quality valve guard will protect the finish.  Leather Specialties, Inc. makes the best one I’ve used.

Also, remember that one of the things that makes a professional instrument better is the level of hand-fitting and the quality of the materials.  The metal is softer which means it dents more easily, and the slides are hand-lapped which makes them move faster.  It also means that it’s more delicate, but by the time a student is ready to purchase a professional horn, he/she should have learned to take care of it.  These qualities also make it play better.  I frequently have students ask me if I think they are ready for a pro horn.  The answer is usually “yes” if they know how to take care of the instrument they have.

When it comes to pro horns, there are many specialized trumpets out there(ie. Jazz trumpets).  A page on Jazz Trumpets will be posted soon.   It is usually not in a student’s best interest to pick a specialty trumpet in high school.  That should wait at least until college.  The trumpets I recommend here are what would be considered “all-around” trumpets.  They work well for jazz band, marching band, orchestra, and concert band.  This is the horn high school students and most college students need.

The Bach Stradivarius 180-37S has been the standard for many years, and it’s still a great horn.  In fact, it’s what I currently play as do most professional trumpet players today.  The Yamaha YTR-8335S is also a favorite of mine.  These are the two main professional trumpets I recommend.  They are the most popular in many areas for good reason.

Getzen also makes a good horn in the Eterna 900s.  The Getzen Custom Series 3050, 3051, and 3052 are even better.  The Getzen Custom Series is comparable to the Bach Stradivarius and the Yamaha Xeno.  Plus, Getzen Valves are known for being very fast.  The B&S Challenger Trumpet is basically a copy of the Bach Stradivarius and is of very high quality as well.  The Conn 1B Vintage One also has quite a few fans. Schilke trumpets have many fans in certain areas, but most classically trained players consider them to be too “bright” sounding for classical applications.  Still, if your trumpet teacher or band director recommends a Schilke, they are very well-made.

If you truly want to purchase an exceptional instrument, Yamaha has recently started producing the best trumpets they’ve ever produced…the Artist Series.  The YTR-9335NYS, the YTR-9335CHS, and the YTR-9335vs are some of the best production trumpets ever made, and while they are expensive compared to the rest of the trumpets on this page, they are very near what a saxophone player would pay for a professional instrument. One of these trumpets will probably my next purchase when my Bach wears out.

If you’re looking for models not listed below, just click on the link at the bottom of the page for Musician’s Friend.  They have almost every trumpet available today at the best prices.

Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet 180S37 Silver Yellow Brass Bell Bach 180S37 Stradivarius Series Bb Trumpet 180S37 Silver Yellow Brass Bell

The 180S-37 features a #37 bell with a medium-fast taper to produce a sound that has a brilliant sound with a warm quality that allows this instrument to work well in multiple musical settings from jazz to concert or solo playing. The #25 leadpipe allows for slight resistance that is effective in centering tone production. These features combined with a .459-inch medium-large bore allow the player to produce a well-rounded sound while not over-extending the endurance level of the player. The Monel valve material allows the pistons to be machined to a consistent diameter throughout the entire length of the valve to produce a more efficient seal between the piston and the interior wall of the valve casing. The result is less air leakage that could cause performance problems.

Yamaha YTR-8335 Xeno Series Bb Trumpet Silver Yellow Brass Bell Yamaha YTR-8335 Xeno Series Bb Trumpet Silver Yellow Brass Bell

Key of Bb. Heavyweight; .459″ bore; 4-7/8″ hand-hammered, one-piece, yellow brass bell; one-piece drawn mouthpipe; Monel pistons; 2-piece valve casings; 1st valve slide thumb hook; double main tuning slide braces; clear epoxy lacquered finish. Includes case.Xeno trumpets have won a place in the world’s most prestigious symphonies and among top-level concert band and jazz players. Yamaha’s flagship trumpets are heavyweight instruments, made with a metal that has been specially treated to deliver more power, better control, and a richer sound. All feature hand-lapped Monel pistons and slides; 2-piece valve casings; an improved mouthpiece receiver length for better response; pressure-formed tubing that is perfectly round for a smoother air flow; metal valve guides; gold brass mouthpipe; and hand-hammered, one-piece, annealed 4-7/8″ bell. The combined result of these features is a highly responsive instrument with a dark tone that does not break up with volume. All Yamaha wind instruments come with a limited 5-year warranty.

B&S 3137 Challenger II Series Professional Bb Trumpet Regular 3137/2Lr-S Silver With Reverse Leadpipe 3137/2Lr-S Silver With Reverse Leadpipe B&S 3137 Challenger II Series Professional Bb Trumpet Regular 3137/2Lr-S Silver With Reverse Leadpipe 3137/2Lr-S Silver With Reverse Leadpipe

The B and S Challenger II Series Professional Bb Trumpets are the best of German quality and craftsmanship from Markneukirchen Germany. The B & S Challenger II Series features .459-inch bore designed for excellent response and intonation. The Challenger II Series also features 4.9-inch #37 taper bell for superior projection. Inspired by the Bach Stradivarius 180S-37 and very similar in construction to the F. Schmidt 37S Bb Trumpet, the B and S Challenger II Bb Trumpets are well suited for any type of performance situation. The B and S Challenger II Series Professional Bb Trumpet include a deluxe case and mouthpiece. The Challenger I Bb trumpet is a step-up instrument which offers excellent value for money, and is especially suited to students.

Getzen 3050 Custom Series Bb Trumpet 3050S Silver Getzen 3050 Custom Series Bb Trumpet 3050S Silver

The all new Custom Series Bb Trumpets are designed with the individual trumpet player in mind. This makes it perfect for the serious high school student or collegiate player with a variety of musical needs.The 3050 Model was designed as an all around horn and provides a full brilliant tone with moderate resistance and excellent intonation. Perfect for the serious junior high or high school student and the college player focusing on classical playing. If a slightly darker tone or freer feel is the desired, the addition of the optional gold brass bell and/or reverse mouthpipe will achieve the feel and sound the player needs.All Custom Series Bb Trumpets feature nickel plated, nickel silver pistons, nickel silver balusters, and one piece, hand hammered yellow or gold brass bells. All three models also feature the choice of clear lacquer, bright silver, or 24K gold plate finishes as well as several other available options and accessories on a special order basis.

Yamaha YTR-9335VS Allen Vizzutti Artist Model Xeno Trumpet Silver Plate Yamaha YTR-9335VS Allen Vizzutti Artist Model Xeno Trumpet Silver Plate

The 9335VS is a collaboration between international trumpet soloist Allen Vizzutti and Bob Malone. The 9335VS features a .459-inch bore with a 4.9-inch yellow brass bell with variable wall thickness for an impressive response. The 9335VS also features brass valve stems, grey pearl finger buttons and a third valve slide stop screw with a solid screw head to add to the overall feel and response of the trumpet.

Yamaha YTR-9335NYS New York Artist Model Bb Trumpet Silver Yamaha YTR-9335NYS New York Artist Model Bb Trumpet Silver

The YTR-9335NYS trumpet was designed to solve issues Robert Sullivan had with his previous trumpets. He had played Yamaha Bb trumpets for quite a few years and loved the even scale, intonation and responsiveness, but often felt that the trumpet needed more depth of tone and was difficult to shade colors the way his other horns could. His Yamaha trumpets also did not open up at extreme dynamics as he would have liked. Robert owned two trumpets of another brand, one from the mid ’70s and a new horn from around 1999 that were used as examples of the deep, rich tone he liked. While they allowed him to change the color better than the Yamaha, sometimes there was no control over the color changes. He also felt the scale to be uneven and out of tune, and the response was very slow. An artist of Sullivan’s caliber wanted a trumpet that combined the best qualities of both instruments: richness of tone, flexibility and control of color changes, an even scale, good intonation and good response. The goal when working on this new trumpet with Yamaha trumpet designer Bob Malone was always focused on two factors: sound and feel. First, don’t confuse tone with sound. Tone is just one part of the overall sound – the way that you string together a series of notes creates your unique sound. Then you need to add heart, soul, character and expression. Those aspects require that the instrument feels good to you. There needs to be a comfort level that allows the player to focus on the music, not the trumpet. Robert Sullivan needed a trumpet that allows for total freedom of expression. He remarked, “The instrument should be an extension of my voice, an amplifier of my thoughts. If the blow doesn’t feel right or I have to battle intonation problems or I cannot control the color, then I can’t focus 100% of my energy on the music.”The process of developing this trumpet focused on identifying the issues they wanted to correct and then systematically correcting each one. Developing a trumpet that sounded great and felt good was the goal. This is an instrument that will be comfortable in the hands of a non-Yamaha player who is looking to add the best qualities of a Yamaha. It will also be very comfortable to those players who are already playing Yamaha, but want more flexibility and a richer tone. Variable wall thickness bell The combination of the variable bell thickness combined with a unique side-seam design helps the player produce a full, rich sound. Variable wall thickness simply means that the bell material gets thinner as it flares out towards the bell rim.MB2 mouthpipe Wider slotting provides quick response and excellent intonation.French bell bead rim with low dome wire A low-profile French bead bell rim improves overall projection due to the refined, sharper bell rim edge.Skeletonized valve stem The valve stems have been designed to allow for increased flexibility in instrument response and timbre. Engraved Artist Model logo The bell e

Yamaha YTR-9335CHS Chicago Custom Artist Model Bb Trumpet Silver Yamaha YTR-9335CHS Chicago Custom Artist Model Bb Trumpet Silver

Most players have a Bb trumpet that they generally like, but one that is often extremely different than their C trumpet. It is because of these differences that many players do not choose their Bb trumpet for much (or even any) of the repertoire that they regularly perform in the orchestra. Although there has been tremendous progress over the last several decades helping C trumpets to work optimally in symphony orchestras, many of the lessons learned and technological achievements have not been applied to the Bb trumpet to help it become a more powerful tool for orchestral playing. In the same way that the YTR-9445CHS C trumpet combines expressive individuality with unified compatibility between players, the Chicago Bb is compatible not only with how the C trumpet sounds, but also with how it feels to play. It is designed as an optimal companion to the YTR-9445CHS and makes possible an unprecedented ease of immediate switching between C and Bb trumpet. Whether playing it as a solo instrument or in a section with other C trumpets, the YTR-9335CHS is an efficient and versatile choice for players at every level of accomplishment. A Tough Act to Follow: Shortly after the release of the 9445CHS trumpet in the summer of 2004, it became apparent that this instrument truly met and exceeded the needs and expectations of many of the world’s top soloists, orchestral and chamber music players. A successful Chicago Bb trumpet would have to start with an in-depth understanding of what combinations of qualities would satisfy the most demanding professional standards and the finished product would have to be tested and retested on its own and in a symphony orchestra.First Attempts: Bob Malone designed and built several prototypes during January 2005 that would test ideas he had for how the Chicago Bb trumpet could be configured. He sent them to Chicago for testing, and the results gave him the necessary feedback to modify the next generation of prototypes that could begin to be tested in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. During the testing, players were asked to be very sensitive to how the prototypes felt compared to their C trumpets, and to switch rapidly back and forth between the prototype and their C trumpet to make the differences even more apparent. Many mouthpipe, bracing, and tuning slide configurations were tried in various combination to discover a design that would be favorable. John Hagstrom traveled to the Yamaha Custom Shop in Grand Rapids Michigan to work intensively with Bob Malone, and the result was a set of prototypes that seemed to be compatible and complementary to the C trumpet. It was now time to extensively test these trumpets in rehearsals and performances with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.The Preferable Choice As was the case with the early prototypes of the Chicago Bb trumpets, these trumpets sounded and felt great on their own. Additionally, they had a very similar sound, resistance, intonation, and response characteristic as the

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